Winning the game of publishing research papers

Джоши Ятиндра
MSc, член экспертного совета Национальной ассоциации независимых писателей и редакторов [США], член совета Европейской ассоциации научных редакторов — председатель комитета по подготовке кадров;
Пуна, Индия


Research papers published in peer-reviewed journals remain the single most often used
criterion to evaluate scientists. These days, this is often supplemented with citation counts and impact factors. Publishing papers can be a game of snakes and ladders but a well-
prepared manuscript submitted to an appropriately chosen journal will find more ladders and fewer snakes in its path. The session seeks to explain the detailed instructions journals
expect their authors to follow and shows how to win the game by answering these and
similar questions:
  • How do I select the right journal for my paper?
  • What are the most common reasons for a paper being rejected without a review?
  • How long should I wait after submission to enquire about the paper’s fate?

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