Classical piano and Korean pop culture: paradoxes of convergence

Aizenshadt, Sergei Abramovich
D.Sc. in Art History, Professor, Piano Department, Far Eastern State Institute of Arts, Vladivostok, Russia


The report examines the commonality of the aesthetic characteristics of the modern piano art of South Korea and the phenomenon of the "Korean Wave" in popular culture. The author argues that this commonality is the main reason that the achievements of pianists from South Korea at major international competitions currently exceed the successes of musicians from China and Japan.
The author concludes that such popularity of Korean piano art, as well as the popularity of the "Korean Wave", will take place in a fairly long term, since it is associated not only with the basic national characteristics, but also with neo-romantic and glamorous trends that are relevant in modern academic and mass musical culture.

Keywords: South Korea, piano, Korean wave, K-pop, salon romanticism, glamour, interaction of cultures