The mimic and gestural expression of musicians as a way of artistic impact on the audience

Merkulov, Alexander Mikhailovich
PhD in Art Studies, Professor, Department of Performance Studies, Moscow State Conservatory, Moscow, Russia

The report examines the role of external factors in the performance of musical works (features of the landing and posture, body movements, hands, fingers, eye and face expressions, etc.) in the listener's adequate perception of the composer's idea and the system of expressive means of the performer. The external side of performance is an indispensable component of the artist's artistic individuality, one of the most vivid visual factors in the aesthetics of performing art and the theory of musical performance. Various types are shown on numerous examples from the history of performance of the XVII – beginning of the XXI century centuries (A. Corelli, F. Couperin, L. van Beethoven, N. Paganini, F. Chopin, F. Liszt, S. Talberg, S. Rachmaninov, A. Scriabin, D. Oistrakh, E.Gilels, S. Richter, etc.), different types of mimic-gestural expression and the great importance of external emotional expressiveness and plasticity of the artist's movements in the process of musical communication are shown.

Keywords: external means of expression of the performer, visual perception of the performer's movements on stage, the connection of visual and auditory impressions, opposite types of behavior of the artist during performance, mimic-gestural expression in the history of performing art