Mediatized semiosis and power: what does culture do with this process?

Феррейра Жайро Жетулиу
профессор, Федеральный университет Санта Марии, Санта Мария, Бразилия


This research communication proposes an epistemological interface that we consider productive for the construction of a hypothesis about the relationship between mediatized semiosis and power. From Peirce, Lacan, Bourdieu and Verón, appropriated in our perspective on mediatization, we argue about the epistemological validity of this interface. The central hypothesis is that the question of power is inherent to mediatized semiosis, understood as an expanded reproduction of semiotic processes (culture, economics and politics), insofar as they expand deferred media (in time and space). Culture, being understood as the infrastructure of the economy and politics, unfolds on planetary scales, retroacting on other semiosis, producing new forms of cultural, political and economic conflicts on a planetary scale.
In this process, algorithms, as logics, constitute a new symbol (power), recognized, structuring because it is structured, brokering imaginaries and apprehensions of the constructed real. However, material algorithms are logics that exist, above all, in the social sphere (culture, economy and politics), with rules and central operations in the differentiation of the species in relation to other organic species.
Mediatization is, in this sense, not only the materialization of imaginaries and representations of the real; is, above all, the long process of building material algorithms, which occupy, in the contemporary world, the place of agency of media machines and their contents (content industry), indexers (classifications of cultural offers) and interactions (with audiences and between the publics). In this accomplished management of the media, the algorithms perform, in deductive and inductive operations, the power (cultural, economic and political) that are incorporated in their logic.
The question derived from the hypothesis to be presented is: what is communication in the face of a media process driven by logics that incorporate the will to power? In which power is presented in an expanded form, on a planetary scale, beyond, including institutional strategies and social agents? What is the place of cultural abductions in this process?

Ключевые слова: meditation, power, abductions, communication