R&D in Russian State Library: libraries relevance in XXI century

Vasin, Vitaliy Vladimirovych
R&D Developer, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia

Libraries are dead, long live libraries!
Libraries as centers for the development of science and education have a long history. And if someone thinks that in the 21st century they lose their relevance, because any information is available in two clicks, we are sure that this is not so! It is the libraries that remain the custodians of original documents, the historical and cultural heritage of the nation.
The Russian State Library, the fifth largest collection in the world, has about 48 million books, magazines, newspapers, dissertations and other documents, and their average volume is about 100 pages, which is comparable to the volume of the Yandex search index.
How to provide access to this invaluable body of knowledge in the digital age?
Can it be turned into a product that will benefit modern society?
The answers to these questions are sought and found by the knowledge engineers department of the RSL.

Keywords: big data, AI, R&D, CV, NLU, libraries