Symbiotic intelligence in smart configuration under media convergence: opportunities and challenges

Vasilenko, Liudmila Alexandrovna
D.Sc. in Sociology, Professor, Department of Organizational Project System of Management, RANEPA, Moscow, Russia

Seliverstova, Anastasia Dmitrievna
Deputy Head of the Department for Analytical Support of Budget Investments, Federal Autonomous Institution "ROSDORNII",
Postgraduate Student, Department of Organizational Project System of Management, RANEPA, Moscow, Russia


Smart configuration is presented as a process of applying symbiotic intelligence, a way to implement positive feedback in decision support systems in public administration on digital platforms using symbiotic autonomous systems (SASs) in the format of digital twins of collective subjects of social networks.
Under symbiotic intelligence, it is proposed to understand the form and result of the interaction of natural and hybrid intelligence, aimed at consolidating their potentials in order to solve the tasks set for symbiotic intelligence.
The processes of media convergence are determined by the hybridity of social space in a society due to its mediatization, erasing the boundaries of real and virtual reality. And most importantly, in a hybrid social environment, the activities of networked collective entities are implemented in a self-organizing manner in the formats of “media self-service”.
Such subjects can be influential actors of forceful influence, able to compete for their audience through special retention technologies around the meanings that express their interests.
We discuss the use of communication models of digital twins of collective subjects as hybrid intelligence, built on the principles of machine learning with the participation of experts in this subject area. Their participation will assist the decision maker (DM) to reduce the risk of errors caused by the imperfection of machine learning processes and the use of the principle of human independence of artificial intelligence algorithms.
In a whole, the proposed approach can be used in national projects - in terms of indicators and activities involving citizens in interaction with DM in order to implement socially significant events and / or results.

Keywords: digitalization, digital society, digital platforms, media convergence, public administration, symbiotic intelligence, smart configuration