The future information solutions of libraries and their role in scientific and technological development

Karaush, Aleksandr Sergeevich
PhD in Technical Sciences, General Director of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia

Scientific and technical libraries are very important for the development of the national scientific and information infrastructure. With a large volume of information and data flows, the illusion of accessibility of scientific information arises. So it will not be difficult for an experienced researcher to get the necessary information from one of many sources and make all its transformations. The problem is that such an "experienced" researcher cannot be "put on stream" and replicated. This situation limits the transition to the use of promising paradigms of science, creating a ceiling on the productivity of the country's research and production complexes.
To integrate the capabilities of modern libraries into the technological chains of researchers within the framework of new scientific and research paradigms, it is necessary to finish a number of objectives: management of disparate scientific information systems, integration at the level of metadata formats of information systems of libraries of different levels, the development of subject ontologies (thesauri) and their integration into automated library systems, expanding the capabilities of metadata formats for describing documents. Based on this, new opportunities for the preparation of information products for researchers, designers and technologists will be created, reducing the time they spend on obtaining and converting important information.

Keywords: scientific libraries, metadata, ontologies, thesauri, researcher productivity, advanced information products