Neuroassistant of academic publisher to help authors, editors, reviewers

Skalaban, Alexey Vitalievich
Expert, NEICON, Minsk, Belarus

Neuroassistant of academic publisher is a project aimed at solving the problems of authors, editors and reviewers of academic journals. Currently, there are no tools on the Russian market / in the Russian academic publishing environment that allow automating the work with the texts of scientific articles using artificial intelligence, while such services are becoming increasingly popular on the world stage and are actively integrated into the daily work of authors and journals editors .
The goal of the project is to fill this niche by creating and bringing to market the Neuroassistant platform. Neuroassistant is being developed as an analytical platform to which Crossref and Elpub data are uploaded. Based on the uploaded information, thematic models are built to analyze the metadata of the article and the full text.

Keywords: academic journals, selection of journals, neuroassistant, services for authors, abstracts, text analysis, publications, academic publishers