Neurofeedback technology of motor control in musical performance training

Bazanova, Olga Mikhailovna
D.Sc. in Biology, Chief Research Fellow, Division of Clinical Neuroscience, Behavior and Neurotechnology, State Research Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, Professor, Mathematical and Applied Linguistics Department, Novosibirsk State University, Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences Center, MIPT University, Novosibirsk – Moscow, Russia

Gaertner, Henriette
Professor, University of Music of Trossingen, Trossingen, Germany

Kondratenko, Anna
Professor, Academy of Music, Academic Symphonic Orchestra, Skopje, North Macedonia

Malisova, Daria Vladimirovna
Associate Professor, Piano Department, Ural State Mussorgsky Conservatory, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Petrenko, Tatiana Ivanovna
Professor, Piano Department, Military Institute of Conductors of the University named after Prince Alexander Nevsky, Moscow, Russia

Pozzo, Renzo
"PhD in Medicine", Professor, Department of Motor Science, University of Medicine of Udine, Udine, Italy


The purpose of this review is to provide one prominent perspective from the research literature on the conception of feedback and neurofeedback in educational psychology, and to then adapt this technology to develop a framework that can be applied in music performance teaching.
The review confronts what we see as a lack of understanding about the importance of this aspects in music education. We provide suggestions that will help music teachers refocus how they use feedback and neurofeedback within their teaching. Throughout the review, we draw heavily on the psychological researches that explain the numerous facets of feedback (McPherson et al., 2022) and biofeedback (Hale et al., 2003; Bazanova et al., 2009; Pinho et al., 2014, Gruzelier, 2014,) but especially those forms of biofeedback that are focused on ensuring students to award their peak performance. There is much more to musical performance than can be provided by training alone

Keywords: neurotechnology, learning, musicians, performing movement, self-control