The "Living Time" of Russian culture

Malyshev, Vladislav Borisovich
D.Sc. in Philosophy, Professor, Philosophy Department, Samara Polytech, Samara, Russia


In the digital age, modern man faces a fairly simple choice: either plunge into the lifeless emptiness of mechanical time, on the one hand, or, having plunged into the metrical nature and cyclical beat of natural rhythms, live in accordance with the living time of nature-like existence. The latter is unlikely for a child of modern civilization with an urban lifestyle and forced constant hanging in the media environment, in particular, being in the mode of so-called distance learning. The most valuable thing that a person loses in the media space filled with electronic content, which, in fact, is a system of quanta of dead time – the living time of nature-like existence. Russian Russian culture semantics is an example of such a way of perceiving time – this is the living time of Russian culture.

Keywords: russian culture, perception of time, living and dead time