Epistemic security for the post-truth era: the challenge of our times

Gurov, Oleg Nikolaevich
PhD in Philosophy, MBA, CEO of ANO "Center for Development of Business Competences", Lecturer, AI Center, MGIMO University, Lecturer, Humanities & Social Sciences Center, MIPT University, Member of the Expert Council on Knowledge Economy Management under the State Duma Committee on Education and Science, Moscow, Russia


The spread of ICT products in all spheres of public life has led to the emergence of large-scale phenomena that are critical for culture: an overabundance of information and the dominance of fakes, digital risks and threats. In the era of post-truth, it is necessary to resist these circumstances, for this it is necessary to build the contours of epistemic security (the security of knowledge and meanings) and work on the system of training and education in accordance with new relevant requirements, based on culture and heritage, and morality.

Keywords: post-truth, fakes, epistemic security, information bubbles, filter bubbles, morality, ethics, single moral knot