Modern criteria in the field of expertise of art and art history projects

Gracheva, Svetlana Michailovna
D.Sc. in Art History, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of the Theory and History of Arts,
St.Petersburg Academy of Arts,
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia


At the present time, we can observe the desire of critics to update Art Studies, make it more dynamic and bring it closer to other Humanities and Social Sciences, especially to Cultural Studies. The Art History of a half a century ago have now been transformed: it includes gender, feminist, racial, anthropological, sociological, & psychological subjects. The scientific methodology has become more complicated; the object of study has expanded. The term "visual culture" is used more often. There is a separation of traditional visual art and the principles of contemporary art in the field of fine arts.
Therefore, we need to discuss the defocusing criteria in evaluating of Art History research.

Keywords: art history expertise, evaluation criteria, art and art history projects, contemporary art and art history, author's concepts, originality of the creative idea, novelty of the idea, talent of implementation, the degree of elaboration of the author's concept