The use of AI in an activity of electronic mass media

Kirillov, Andrey Viktorovich
Regional Manager, LLC "Hörmann Russia", Postgraduate Student, Higher School of Linguistics and Journalism - Scientific School of Regional Linguistic Studies, YuSU, Yugra, Russia


The talk's objective is to clear up different ways of using AI's potential in an activity of modern electronic mass media.
The author traces levels of automation of the linguistic process through AI: it can provide an opportunity for media representatives to engage in more multidimensional analytics. However, expensive robot projects in the field of media are already aimed at independent analysis and publication of information.
As we suppose, the most perspective research direction is to find out the electronic systems' influence on the formation of the reader's world picture. The role of AI algorithms is often interpreted as a tool to help in the implementation of the main professional activity of the media, but actually AI is used in the media to obtain specific end results: fragmentation of information, formation of preferences and points of view.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, mass media, algorithms, fragmentation of information, point of view