Digital infrastructure of the "Incident Management" system

Gubanov, Alexander Vladimirovich
PhD in Sociology, Senior Social Media Officer, RMC Kursk region, Kursk, Russia

The digital transformation of public administration has led to the emergence of a qualitatively new type of Internet resources – feedback platforms. The functionality of such systems is directly aimed at the formation and maintenance of a direct communication channel between state authorities and citizens through Internet resources. In Russian management practice, several types of feedback platforms are used simultaneously, but one of the most common and well-known is the "Incident Management" system.
"Incident Management" is a unique automated system for monitoring and responding to publications on social networks. The main task of the platform is to constantly monitor and ensure prompt response to problematic issues understood by users of social networks. Since 2019, the system has been widely implemented in regional practice. Currently, it is integrated into the work of state and municipal government bodies of almost all subjects of the Russian Federation.
The main basis of the Incident Management system is a complex of so-called "state-owned" – a set of official communities in social networks of state and municipal authorities. In June 2022, the creation of such communities was fixed by federal legislation and became mandatory, including for subordinate structures.
Social networks are a complex, multifaceted and "living" organism. The appearance in the network space of such a large and fundamentally new segment as state-owned advertising will certainly affect both ordinary users and the very structure of content generation and consumption. This article discusses in detail the basics of the operation of the "Incident management" system, the practical features of the formation of the base of official communities in social media, as well as some conceptual problematic issues that have developed at the moment.

Keywords: public administration, municipal administration, social networks, internet, incident management, feedback, feedback platforms