Assessment approaches to the multi-, inter- and mono-disciplinary scientific journals: comparison of criteria and metrics in global scientometric database

Kirillova, Olga Vladimirovna
PhD in Engineering, President of the Association of Science Editors and Publishers, Сhairman of the Russian Council Advisory Board (Scopus), Moscow, Russia

The presentation attempts to define the basic concepts, characterize and highlight the features of expertise within the framework of the expert system of the international database (SCOPUS STEP) of the categories of scientific journals focused on the publications of interdisciplinary and monodisciplinary / disciplinary profiles, as well as of multidisciplinary journals.
Specific evaluation criteria are singled out that distinguish each of the categories of publications, the attitude of experts towards them in the process of evaluation, confirmed by definite marks in the expert system.
Based on a comparative analysis of the scientometric indicators of the selected pool of leading journals of these three categories, the interest to them of the international community and the prospects for publishing articles by Russian scientists in such journals are assessed.

Keywords: scientific journals, journal categories, thematic editorial policy, expertise, evaluation criteria, scientometric databases, metrics, comparative analysis