Human 2.0: A view to the future of humanities through the prism of global trends and Big Data analysis

Chulok, Alexander Alexandrovich
Director of S&T Foresight Center, ISSEK NRU HSE, PhD in Economics, Assistant Professor, Moscow, Russia


Human enhancement and development present up-to date direction of many scientific and academic research in different fields from medicine and nanotechnologies to urban studies and public procurement. Providing steady increase of life expectancy became public commitment of governments on many counties – Japan, China, Brazil, Russia. UN in its forecasts expects the increase of people under age of 80 till 426 mln by 2050 and volume of so-called «silver economy» till $1 trillion by 2030. Key focal point in such discussions is the landscape of global trends and drivers that constitutes the conception of Human 2.0. They should be treated from a multidisciplinary approach and include social, economic, science, technology and values dimensions. Big data analysis done with Russian intelligent system iFORA reveals the most important peculiarities of Human 2.0 vision and provides a navigator to future research.

Keywords: foresight, forecast, global trends, innovation, human enhancement, human capital, future vision, Human 2.0, big data analytics, futurology