Library in the information infrastructure of open science

Redkina, Natalya Stepanovna
D.Sc. in Pedagogy, Head of Division of Open Science Research, State Public Scientific and Technological Library, Siberian Branch of the RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia

The challenges of the external environment (open science initiatives, requirements of scientific foundations, publishers, global problems of our time) have an impact on the reconstruction of the open science information ecosystem, including the research process and the future of libraries. Libraries can become an important link in the modern information ecosystem, contributing to the promotion of open science initiatives, the formation and development of open access resources (digital collections, institutional repositories, open educational resources, open access publications, research data, etc.), new models for exchange and preservation knowledge in the future, culture of open science; providing high-quality information services and services in the life cycle of research; facilitating the creation of an effective information and communication infrastructure for open science, the management of scientific content in the landscape of publications and open access data, the search for diverse types of content materials through a single access point and related data; monitoring the development of open science and subject-oriented training of researchers.

Keywords: libraries, open science, open access initiatives, science foundations, research data management, open resources, library services