On the issue of creativity through the people's perception of visual works of artificial intelligence

Mirin, Ilya Gennadievich
Expert, Head of the Kazan Campus, School 21 by SBER, Kazan, Russia


What is creativity itself? And what is the difference between masterpieces of art and other kinds of artifacts? From antiquity to the present day, all definitions of art have been largely context dependent. First of all, that definitions decided on the professions of the hierarchy of people in society in actual moment.
The emergence of creative artificial intelligence for the first time allowed us to consider the problem of art, the definition of art outside of social circumstances. Knowing the mechanism of creative/generative artificial intelligence, the source of its training, the method of selecting works for demonstration, we can evaluate the impression of people and compare them with how they perceive the work of obviously living people. At the same time, both the work of the art of the intellect and the work of the living artists are at the same moment in time in the same social context.
We developed artificial intelligence and with its help received materials for three exhibitions and collected feedback from respondents, while we mixed the work of artificial intelligence with the work of real people in such a way as to ensure blind following. We want to present the results of these works at the conference.

Keywords: AI, generative AI, art, masterpiece, creativity, perception, apophenia, context, personality, artist, spectator problem