Interdisciplinary project "Geography of Art"

Lavrenova, Olga Aleksandrovna
D.Sc. in Philosophy, PhD in Geography Studies, Leading Research Fellow, Cultural Studies Division, INION RAS, Professor, Department of History and Theory of Culture, GITR Film and Television School, Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Communication Technologies, MISIS, Honorary Member of the Russian Art Academy, Moscow, Russia


The perception of artworks also has spatial aspects. On the one hand, works of art are part of the semiotics of the landscape. On the other hand, it is in the artworks that the patterns of the landscape structure manifest themselves. The study of a wide problem field of interaction between geographical space, art and culture has philosophical, cultural, anthropological, art history, geographical and other aspects. "Geography of Art" is a multi–years interdisciplinary project initiated by geographer Yury Vedenin and continued by philosopher and culturologist Olga Lavrenova. It includes collections of articles published since 1994 and international scientific conferences held since 2008. Traditionally, a wide range of problems is considered, including not only the actual geography of works of art, but also the peculiarities of the formation of artistic images of space, the creation of virtual spaces, in which they are always secondary to the laws of the organization of real space.

Keywords: geography of art, art, culture, space, cultural landscape