Smart configurating on digital platforms: public perspectives and implementation challenges

Zotov, Vitaly Vladimirovich
D.Sc. in Sociology, Professor, the Humanities & Social Sciences Center, MIPT University, Moscow, Russia

The formation of new approaches to the organization of public administration must be carried out based on the context of modern reality. This context is the formation of a digital society with its basic processes of datafication, networkization and algorithmization. Effective management of such systems is possible based on the concept of smart configuration as a new way of social ordering, which relies on the coordination and cooperation of actors of digital platforms (digital ecosystems) in solving socially significant problems. But the spread of digital platforms leads to new trends and problems of a sociotechnical nature: techno-subjects become new actors in the communication system; algorithmization of communications leads to the formation of information capsules; the decision-making process exacerbates the dilemma of the use of private and public information; the abundance of information breeds fears of digital surveillance. Further technical progress in this area requires scientific reflection. Therefore, the purpose of this speech is to understand the public perspectives and problems of the "human-sized" implementation of smart configuration on digital platforms.

Keywords: digitalization, digital platforms, digital society, platform research, public governance, smart configurating, social development