Library in the development of information culture of society and social protection of the individual

Brezhneva, Valentina Vladimirovna
D.Sc. in Pedagogy, Professor, Dean of the Library and Information Department, St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The term "information culture" in the digital economy takes on a special meaning and becomes more and more complex and multifaceted.
The use of information technology in all areas of professional and leisure activities, the growth of a new "digital generation", increases the role of the formation of intellectual skills aimed at working with the "context": the selection and evaluation of primary sources, their analysis and correct use.
Information culture is an integrative phenomenon studied from the standpoint of various scientific disciplines. Information culture is understood as an element of the general culture of the individual and is seen as the readiness and ability of the individual to reflect, to self-educate. The goal of forming an information culture is to develop the ability to independently increase knowledge, and not just to master a minimum of user skills. In the process of forming an information culture, intellectual methods of information processing are of particular importance.
The level of information culture affects the success of a person's life and expands a person's freedom of action. The ability to find, evaluate information, predict the development of a situation, create intellectual products, and also declare oneself in the professional community currently affects social status to no lesser extent than the education received, the economic and social situation of the family and other social factors. Thus, information culture can be considered as a means of social protection of the individual.
Libraries are the social institution that has the experience of building up individual knowledge, the source of which is information resources in traditional and digital form.

Keywords: information culture, digital economy, intellectual skills of working with information, individual knowledge, library, information resources