The issue of interference detection in the Russian linguistic personality of Northern Kazakhstan

Akhmetova, Bigaisha Zeinullievna
Kazakh Agrarian University named after S. Seifullin, Astana, Kazakhstan

Kaliev, Bolat Nazymovich
A. Baitursynov Kostanay State University, Kostanay, Kazakhstan

Russian personality of Northern Kazakhstan is characterized by mutuality, expressed by intense interference processes due to active Russian-Kazakh dialogue and the influence of archaic features of the Russian dialects of the first settlers of the Gorky Line. These features indicate the Kazakh version of Russophony. Detection is possible both in terms of lexical, phonetic, and grammatical, syntactic features. The stylistics of the Russian language personality of Northern Kazakhstan deserves special attention. However, this report focuses on the analysis of the situation that served as the source of the formation of certain language forms, as well as stable elements characteristic only of the Russian language personality of Northern Kazakhstan. The influence of the non-ethnic environment, close contacts with the local population caused the appearance of "Kazakh spraying" on pronouncing and intonation norms, on changing the lexicon. These elements stand out quite well, which allows them to be tagged accordingly. Russian Russian language personality analysis will allow us to create an atlas of Russophony using AI methods in the future, clearly demonstrating the vitality of the Russian language in the world language space. In this regard, the creation of regional registers of the Russian language is one of the steps towards the implementation of this full-scale task. We conducted a comprehensive survey of settlements where the descendants of the Cossack first settlers live, and showed which features have been preserved, lost, transformed using mapping.

Keywords: russian language personality, transformation, Russophony, Northern Kazakhstan, verbal markers, mapping